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Massage Treatments
This massage system is predominantly Japanese and has its roots in earlier systems of massage, called Anma in Japanese (Anmo and Tui na in China) It involves techniques that include, rubbing, stroking, squeezing, tapping and pushing. Like any massage therapy it works by stimulating the body's muscles and circulatory system and influencing the free flow of energy, known as Ki in Japanese, and blood. It uses a more stationary and relaxed pressure on the body and gentle although invigorating rotation of a limb.   All the above massage techniques include both massage and manipulation to points on the head and feet which, on its own, can be very stimulating and therapeutic both physically and mentally.

Chinese Massage   
     Chinese massage or better known as Tui Na is one of the healing arts of the 4,000 year old Traditional Chinese Medicine, along side, tai Chi and chi Kung, acupressure, acupuncture and fen shui. 
The name Tui Na comes from the Chinese and literally means  Tui means push and Na means grasp. It is a very effective therapy and not only works on the muscles, tendons and joints, but also at a more deeper level, affecting the vital life energy (Chi) in the body.
 In the body, Chi or Qi flows in the Channels, also known as Meridians or Chakras (Indian), and supplies energy to all organs and body tissues. Tui Na works by applying pressure and manipulation to the Meridians and specific points, known as acupoints, along the Meridians. This affects the flow of Chi so that it moves freely and evenly through the body and has profound effects on your overall well being. This includes not only your physical health but also your emotional, mental andspiritual well being. 
  Chinese massage encompasses a lot more than simple massagetechniques as it embodies a sophisticated holistical concept. Chinese medicine sees the individual as part of a more larger whole and within this concept, sees illnesses or conditions as a result of imbalances within the body. These imbalances can be caused by many factors and influences, such as within the body itself or by external influences, such as cold, heat, damp and diet. The goal of this concept is to find the cause of this imbalance and then formulate a treatment programme that includes, herbal medicine, massage and acupressure treatment. 


 Simply Acupressure works by pressing certain acupoints along the Meridians of the body, either singularly or in a sequence. This stimulates the free flow and distribution of Chi and blood (which carries oxygen) to certain parts or all of the body's systems. Acupressure treatment can be given separately to massage therapy although very often it is used in combination with it.  
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