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​This is a video of Alan demonstrating his version of the 18 Chi Kung Form at Cubert Village Hall Class on the 7th May 2018. The demonstration was filmed by one of Alan's students Sampson Willoughby.
The 18 exercises can also be performed individually or in combinations. 

28th May 2018
Memory Cafe Tai Chi Session

Friday 1st June 2018
​St Michaels Hall Perranporth

Weds 11th July 2018
​Carnon Downs Village Hall

Sunday August 5th 2018
Healing Holistic Fayre
St Newlyn East Village Hall

St |Michaels Hall Perranporth

Alan ran a Special Tai Chi session for the Perranporth memory Cafe at St Michaels Hall similar to one he ran at the same location last year. Most of the members were in the seated position so all the exercises were modified to suit most of the individuals.
The session commenced with gentle warm up exercises and breathing techniques. Alan then did an exercise involving  7 Tai Chi movements, initially individually and then in combinations using alternate hands. At the end of that particular session the group performed all the exercises as a short form.
The group also did further exercises and movements including those for the feet and legs. The group finished off performing a short 6 movement Form adapted from the Sun 30 Form.

Alan commenced the first Tai Chi session at the hall between and 3pm. Initially there were 8 students that attended who either had no previous experience of Tai Chi or had not practised for some time. The session included a gentle warm up and light stretches and breathing exercises. The group then practised 7 Tai Chi exercise movements both individually and then as a small form using alternate hands.
The group then practised Tai Chi walks and steps and finished off with the first 4 movements of the 18 Chi Kung Form, both individually and then as a a combination.

Alan ran a Tai Chi session at the Village Hall for a Rheumatoid Arthritis Group.
​The session included a talk on the benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong for people suffering from the condition and also suitable exercises and movements. 
The group were very willing and fully participated in the exercises and showed a positive outlook towards how they could benefit from them.

Alan ran a Tai Chi session at the Fayre as part of an Holistic Healing Day. The session included warm up a gentle warm up and breathing exercises; 7 Tai Chi Exercises/movements both individually and then as a short form combination; other Tai Chi movements together with moving in different directions to practice Tai Chi walks and turns. There was 9 people that participated who stated that they had thoroughly enjoyed the class. 3 of the group were Alan's students and 2 others later joined other classes that Alan runs.

below: Alan with some of the Tai Chi session group.

Alan restarted classes at the hall on Friday mornings at different times from Sept 1st 2018.
The new sessions are at 10am - 11am and 11am - 12pm.
Due to the change of times the classes have been well attended for the first few weeks with new students joining each week which is very positive.
2019 Tai Chi Classes                               
Tai Chi/Qigong weekly classes will resume in January on the following dates:

Friday Jan 4th. St Michaels Hall, Perranporth 
10am - 11am and 11am - 12pm

Monday Jan 7th. Cubert Village Hall
11am - 12pm

Tuesday Jan 8th. Summercourt Village Hall
11am - 12pm

Wednesday Jan 9th. St Newlyn East Villahe Hall
11am - 12pm

Thursday Jan 10th. Tregony Village Hall
11am - 12pm

CCMA Taekwondo, Weapons and Wing Chun classes will resume on Sunday Jan 6th at 10am - 12pm.